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Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Features Video
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture
Qualifying Home Theater Seating Configurations

Included Features

Drop Down Table w/ AC Power and USB Drop Down Table w/ AC Power & USB
The backrest of this seat folds down to reveal a beautiful burlwood table with cup holders for the placement of drinks, snacks, and more.
Cool Gel / Memory Foam for Sofas and Sectionals Adjustable Powered Headrests
These headrests can adjust to a number of different positions at the push of a button, reducing neck and shoulder strain.
4 Different Cupholder Options for Sofas and Sectionals Hidden In-Arm Storage
The armrests of this seat open up to reveal plenty of storage room for the placement of essential items.
Cool Gel / Memory Foam for Sofas and Sectionals Touch Power Lighted Cupholders
These cup holders emit a gentle azure glow that allows you to find your beverages easily in the dark.
Genuine Bonded Leather
Power Recline
▪ Chaiselounger Footrests
▪ Wallhugger Seating
▪ 41" Tall Seating
▪ 24" Seating Surface

Available Row Configurations

View Straight Rows | 4 Configurations


Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Furniture

The Seatcraft Innovator is literally a new era in home theater seating. This model was designed like no other: on the surface, it's a firm but eminently comfortable sofa with a stylish luxury design. Fold the center backrest forward and a beautiful burlwood table is revealed as the centerpiece of a row of two set!

The table comes with two cupholders and ample space for trays, ipads, reading materials, and more! Above the table, the middle headrest flips up to reveal an overhead lighting panel that will illuminate anything you need in the dark. A pop-up input plate just above the table comes equipped with 2 AC adapter ports and 2 USB ports, for a truly high-tech experience. In addition, lighted cupholders on the side armrests double as controls for both the power recline option and the seat's fully adjustable headrests. Flip the armrests up to reveal plenty of in-arm storage space.


The Seatcraft story begins in 1978 in California as a manufacturer of automotive seating. After starting with van seats, the company soon expanded into RV seating and furniture, where it developed a solid reputation as a leader in the industry. In 2001, its horizons broadened to the world of home theater seating. The expertise and skill honed over 35 years in the automotive business is carried through into our vision for home theater seating. Each Seatcraft product is manufactured with premium materials and outstanding craftsmanship, with a mind toward plush relaxation and startling innovation. In addition, we are further expanding the Seatcraft brand to other home furniture styles, bringing our firm commitment to crafting the highest quality product along the way. As the industry leader, Seatcraft will continue to innovate and design products with the utmost care and expertise for an exceptional seating experience.

Seat Dimensions PDF

A. Seat Height: 41"
B. Footprint: 38.5"
C. T.V. Position: 57"
D. Full Recline: 67"

These are some of the most popular configurations for this home theater seating group. If you have any questions about a custom setup you would like to purchase please call one of our expert sales personal at 1-800-407-8665.

Straight Row Configurations


Row of 2 w/ Center Storage Console

Row of 3 Sofa w/ Fold Down Backrest

Row of 3 Sofa w/ Drop Down Table, Wedge Seat, and Row of 2 w/ Storage Console

Genuine Bonded Leather - 6250-99 Black
6250-99 Black
Genuine Bonded Leather - 6250-88 Coffee
6250-88 Coffee

Fabric Sample Request

Genuine Bonded Leather

▪ More Consistency
▪ Plush Inviting Texture
▪ Hybrid Leather
▪ Long Lasting & Durable

For those searching for the many benefits of leather combined with the affordable value of other materials, bonded leather is literally the best of both worlds. This style was a way to present the look and feel of genuine full-grain leather at a fraction of the cost. This is because the material is actually a polyurethane-leather hybrid. Bonded leather is more durable than fabric, while providing many of the same advantages in look, texture, and feel as full-grain leather. In addition, the material actually has more consistency than full-grain leather, and is even easier to clean; just take a damp cloth to the material once a week, and it should look radiant for years to come. With bonded leather, you are sure to be fully satisfied by the range of attractions offered by its unique hybrid status.

Tips and Methods to care for your seat material: Read More.

Seat Specifications

Easy-Off Backs
This unique feature saves space and reduces weight when transporting your home theater seating. The easily removable back makes the seating much easier to move.

25" Armrest Height
This measurement dictates the door clearance needed to bring the chair through a standard size door.

Power Recline Amperage: 110/220 Input | 12V / .5 Output
Lighted Cupholder Amperage: 110/220 Input | 12V / .5 Output

Seatcraft Limited Warranty

Seatcraft is proud of its high standards of quality and workmanship that go into our products. The customer is protected by the following Limited Warranty, which applies to seats under normal indoor residential use. This warranty does not apply to seats used for commercial, institutional, or other non-residential uses.

ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Seatcraft provides (1) one year comprehensive coverage for all components such as materials, foam and frame parts, and mechanisms including motorized parts from defective materials or workmanship.

MATERIAL: Normal fabric fading, shrinking, or stretching is not covered by this warranty. Similarly, the natural markings, stretching, and shrinking of leather is a proud mark of authenticity and therefore not covered by this warranty. Evidence of improper cleaning, abuse, or abnormal use of the materials will void this warranty.

FOAM AND FRAME PARTS: Seatcraft warrants these components for (1) one year from the time of delivery, against manufacturing defects. Foam compression is natural, and therefore not covered by this warranty.

MECHANISMS: Seatcraft warrants these components for (1) one year from the time of delivery, against manufacturing defects. After the warranty period, the customer is responsible for inspection, labor and transportation costs.

No warranties, express or implied, apply after the expiration of this Limited Warranty. The warranty period covers repair, substitution, and replacement. No returns or refunds are covered. A proof of purchase is required to service a claim; simply present the bill of sale to the dealer from whom the item was purchased, to request warranty service. Seatcraft is not liable for incidental or consequential damages occurring outside the terms of this warranty, even if advance knowledge of such damages was possible.

Seatcraft Home Theater Seating

Seatcraft Innovator Theater Furniture

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List Price $1,979.00

SAVE 24%



Delivery Time: 3-7 Business Days

▪ Power Recline
▪ Drop Down Table w/ USB
▪ Lighted Cupholders
▪ Hidden In-Arm Storage
▪ Chaiselounger Footrest
▪ Genuine Bonded Leather

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Wine Glass Caddy

-- Please Select --
List Price $99.99 (33% Savings)
Our unique wine glass caddy is only available from Seatcraft! Its beveled edges and billet aluminum finish give it a clean and luxurious look that will accent any seat that it is paired with. Like a good wine and cheese this combination just goes together! The wine glass caddy will fit any size glass and has a very stable foundation to prevent spillage. This accessory is a must for any wine enthusiast that wants to enjoy both movie and drink!

• 'No Spill' hook.
• Durable stainless steel finish
• Sturdy base.
• Free Accessory POD Included.
Tablet Holder

-- Please Select --
List Price $108.99 (36% Savings)
This is an adjustable tablet holder that slides into any accessory mount or our unique Accessory POD System. It universally fits any popular tablet and can accommodate a number of different positions. You can achieve a number of different positions with the 360° rotation and jointed elbow. With the elegant billet aluminum finish this theater seating accessory will accent any compatible seat nicely.

• Adjustable receiver.
• Rotating elbow joint.
• Accommodates all popular tablets.
• Free Accessory POD included.
Reading Light

-- Please Select --
List Price $63.99 (42% Savings)
This adjustable light is perfect for reading without bothering the person next to you in a low-light environment. The LED light is very powerful but not obtrusive. It will not bother either seat neighbor while it is in use. It is long lasting and very eay to turn on and off. This light is made from flexible gooseneck tubing material that allows the light to be contorted in a number of different ways. It is a very durable stainless steel material. The heavy stainless steel base keeps this light upright. You can count on this light lasting for years with the quality construction.

• Powerful LED light.
• Gooseneck style flexible tubing.
• Sturdy Base with low profile switch.
• Free Accessory POD included.
Neck Pillow

-- Please Select --
List Price $65.99 (45% Savings)
The universal Neck Pillow is compatible with ANY home theater seat. It drapes over the back of the chair to provide extended neck support. It is easily adjustable and can fit any size person. It has plush foam that gently supports you head and neck for extended movie or tv viewing.

• Fits any chair.
• Easily Adjustable.
• Provides Extended Head and Neck Support.
Bass Shakers

-- Please Select --
List Price $140.99 (41% Savings)
The Pro Buttshaker add the feel of the boom right to the seat of your theater seat. Imagine the sensation of feel added to the boom of the bass, have your seat respond to the sound you are seeing in real time. Very simple connection usually right from the output of the subwoofer. This will enhance your home theater and give it the real surround effect, right to the seat of your pants. This is the same product drummers use to feel the beat during their shows. This is full digital sound and is compatible with most theater sound systems.

• Easily mounts to the base of your seat.
• 50w max power.
• Feel the movie in each chair.
Price $0.00

8 Upgrades Available for this seat.

Wine Glass Caddy

Wine Glass Caddy
$74.99 each

Universal Tablet Holder

Tablet Holder
$79.99 each

LED Articulating Light

LED Reading Light
$49.95 each

Cigar Host

Cigar Host
$84.99 each

Universal Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow
$44.95 each

White Glove Delivery

White Glove Delivery
$199.99 delivery

Montage 5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty
$49.99 per seat

Pro Buttshakers

Pro Buttshaker
$99.99 each


Product Reviews (3)

  "Captain Kirk would love this 21st century sofa!"

PROS: Power Recline, Power Headrest, built-in charging ports.

CONS: The center seat doesn't recline.

REVIEW: "So last month I bought this sofa and I'm very pleased with it. I've had it about a month and thought I'd share my thoughts so far: is almost $300 cheaper than Amazon. These things are HEAVY. I should have paid for the $200 white glove service because I ended up paying the driver $100 to help me carry it upstairs. Easy setup. Be aware that you'll need two AC plugs to power the unit. Four cup holders! 2 in the arms. 2 in the fold-down console. The motors are silent enough that you don't hear them. The seats are very comfortable and you can stop the recline at any time when you feel the position is right. The powered adjustable headrest is nicer than you might imagine. Works best for individuals over 5'8" When the center panel is folded up and the chairs are not reclined, it's a comfortable sofa to stretch out on. The storage compartments within the arms are very spacious -- great for extra remotes, magazines, even a laptop.  The wife appeal factor is very high. They're stylish and sleek looking. Not wrinkly as you might suspect from the pictures. I was able to bolt a "butt shaker" to the frame of the middle seat. It works well and no annoying rattling noise. well built. You'll probably wish the center console could also recline if you care about being in the center of the audio sweet zone. The center console is very attractive and well-designed so remotes don't slide off into the sofa's recesses It's bonded leather, not real leather. I thought that would bother me, but instead I'm now a fan of bonded leather. It looks classy. It feels like a reward when you come home to this sofa at the end of the day. Some visiting teenage boys that tried out the sofa asked "where can I get chairs like this?" "I'm going to tell my dad" I use an X10 appliance controller (modified so it powers off properly) with a Harmony One remote so that the sofa power off when I power off TV for the night. I don't want to risk burning out the transformers by leaving it powered on when not in use. The reading lights in the center console are just bright enough for reading in a darkened home theater. They can berotated left and right and the center headrest that they're built into can be adjusted up and down so you can aim thelight exactly where you want it. Sometimes you'll accidentally touch the recliner buttons when reaching for your drink and the chair will shift slightly.Not an issue but it can take you out of the moment when you're engrossed in a show. Everyone else will want to sit in your new chairs because they're the best seats in the house.As far as I'm concerned, no other home theater seating compares. Yes, some seating might be more attractive from an interior design perspective because of color or shape, but I wouldn't want to give up the lighted touch reclining controls, the illuminated cup holders, the reading lights, the integrated AC power strip, the USB chargers for your phone/iPad, the extra cup holders, the capacious storage arms, nor the fact that it converts back into seating for three.When you combine this push-button sofa/recliner with a fully-configured universal remote, it's like you're sitting on the bridge of the Enterprise. You can set up your tablet or a laptop on the center console for that Walking Dead two-screen experience, and it'll stay fully charged.I'm betting that sofas with these features will catch on and that we'll see more creature comforts being built in. Things like a dining tray, a cup holder for the center seat, center seat recline, factory integrated butt shaker, tablet mount, bluetooth speakerphone, ground-effect lighting, auto-off timer and photon torpedo launch button."

THANK YOU: Ken N. from CA

  "Best Service Experience Ever."

REVIEW: "If you're in the market for movie theater seating or service for your furniture 4 seating is the most incredible company for those products and services. I needed replacement parts for my Innovator home theater seating and contacted 4 seating. I was fortunate enough to get Alex as my service agent. It took him a month but it seemed like he searched every company in every country and eventually he found my product, then he made sure I got the best price for everything I needed. He actually called or e-mailed me every 3 to 4 days to tell me the progress of his search. I give them a 5-star rating. "

THANK YOU: Patricia D. from FL


PROS: Love the product. Comfortable, easy to use and looks great. Customer service was wonderful and easy!

CONS: The delivery company was hard to track and took a very long time to deliver. Had to pay shipping charges because lived off delivery route.

REVIEW: "Love the product. Comfortable, easy to use and looks great. Customer service was wonderful and easy!"

THANK YOU: Ken N. from CA

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